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Christina the super girl
• 12/13/2015


Due to a dire situation, and after further investigation, I announce that Pancakes~Fana is banned for a year and six months, due to the following offenses:

  • Having fun against other user pages
  • Insulting or name-calling others by means of Message Walls, Comments or even User Articles
  • Shipping others even without permission that can annoy them
  • Making blogs that could offend some or most of the people
  • Participated at some arguments

And the aftermath is...
Victims: Islam (fellow moderator), Windowswind123, Shaira the little Cub...
Warns given to: Vintage~Pineapple (Offense: Cusses)

To tell lol, I was strived back to Adminship quickly with IHavePizza's permission, due to dire situations happened at the Flipline Forumpedia. Now let's get back to peace and good development.

NOTE to Pancakes~Fana: I do not side with anybody but your weight is heavier than the victims above, mostly they are innocent during the investigation-- forcing you into GUILTY, not even just when I'm asking you questions you did not even respond by chat. I suggest you must calm down within this long period and it will be fine. Unless if you want to be more mean and I'll take you down by force. I'm a cruel admin one, if you don't know-- you don't know a Global Ban yet.

Sincerely, Katarina / Erikah Mabayo

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Christina the super girl
• 12/15/2015


She need behave proply

• 12/16/2015
And now she's globally blocked.
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